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Women, Football, Liquor & other Drugs

29.08. – 17.09.2016

Welcome to Silber & Salz
Jetzt ansehen

Group exhibition by:

Beautiful women, football, good drinks - a gentlemen's club!


Important figures such as Karin Szekessy, Stern-photographers Kurt Will, and Uwe Schaffrath cater to the cliché around men’s favorite stereotypical topics: football, women, and cigarettes. 


Silber&Salz provides a prime location and the perfect opportunity to bring together artwork and wholehearted projects that celebrate the culture and clichés of a gentlemen’s club. 


Building upon the cooperative principles of the Holzmarkt 25,  Silber&Salz supports friends, neighbors and other “partner-in-crime” by getting them on board - a vernissage with a twist:


Thus, Silber&Salz not only invites you to the opening of the exhibition, but also to hangout in a place that promotes small start-ups and charitable projects. At the most fabulous location in the Holzmarkt you’ll find art, good drinks, a barbecue hosted by our Syrian refugee friends, some nice beats from the turntable, and- a tattoo artist!


A good-mannered festivity

Although a gentleman tends to enjoy and keep quiet, in this particular case, you can spread the word! 

Karin Szekessy1
Karin Szekessy7
Karin Szekessy3
Karin Szekessy5
Karin Szekessy_L.FritzGruber&Gattin
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