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15.08. – 31.10.2015


Group exhibition by: 

Unveiled humans at Silber&Salz

Juana Anzellini (drawing), moseke & pelda (painting), Chris Schmid (photography)

Berlin, July 2015: Maary - the innocent, the divine mother, the blessed – for many centuries a role model for the perfect woman. Inconceivable to show her as "unveiled human" - this ever-present subject of art history.


The title of this new exhibition at Silber&Salz implies this exact presumption of innocence, which is thwarted by the sometimes drastic, sometimes subtle work of the artists.  


Juana Anzellini, moseke & pelda, and Chris Schmid aim to create a provocative, intimate atmosphere of human existence with their drawings, paintings and photographs in the shipping container at Holzmarkt. 


In the four artists’ work, the nudity represents the “purpose of life.” What is acceptable, reasonable, and relevant? Provocation, morality, guilt, and taboo are key words the artists want associated with the nude representations. The female bodies pose in a seemingly humble manner, while in their midst, a man triumphantly raises his arms. However, nothing is as it seems. Perhaps it is Mary and Mary Magdalene’s mourning for the crucified?

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