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The story of Silber&Salz:

how it all started


An old restless shipping container -

lovingly converted into a slow-paced island. 


Silber & Salz, a gallery founded by the photographer,
Chris Schmid, is a renovated shipping container located alongside the Spree and in the heart of Holzmarkt.


With a focus on analog black and white photography

Silver & Salt defies the fast-paced everyday life and creates 

a meeting point for the most diverse walks of life

The exhibition space extends over 33sqm.


From photographers and art lovers, to ravers and life artists, all are welcome.

Silber & Salz


Chris is a freelance photographer based in Berlin. Paula is a converted shipping container. Together they are Silber&Salz, a gallery for analogue photography at Holzmarkt.


Paula, such a darling. For decades she loyally sailed around the globe. From harbor to harbor: land, unload, load, take off. The seemingly endless back and forth without a permanent residence took a nice turn in 2015. Chris Schmid saw her as the perfect space for his gallery and brought the container-lady to Berlin. Half a year of planning, hammering, soldering, sawing and painting produced a lovely gallery with a fully integrated photo lab and exhibition space ready to greet its visitors in the Holzmarkt.

Paula. She has finally arrived, but her actual journey is just beginning. 

Spacious perspectives.

She’s already seen everything out there.

Harbours, shores, different people and weather conditions,

and of course…dolphins.

Now something new is happening: Paula hosts artists, collectors,

and many people whom analogue photography means a lot to. 

So far, she has been the curator of many lovely exhibitions,

has shown and sold artwork from both well-known

and unknown artists, and has integrated a photo lab

which allows enthusiasts to grasp hold of this art form.


She loves music. Preferably live or a vinyl record, scratching and cracking so beautifully vivid. Especially in her metallic-wooden belly. Deep electronic vibes massage her heart.


Most important is that people meet, talk about art, exchange ideas about this and that, and go home with a good feeling. And of course, come back. After all, Paula is directly located on the Spree at Anker. 

Paula and you

Paula provides the space and Chris wants to meet you.

Come on by, knock, let’s have a chat. 

Take some time, we don’t have to rush

and get down to business right away. 

Come by, have a seat, talk

Chris listens, and Paula secretly as well, 

as we plan your exhibition

or whatever your idea may be. 

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