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28.01. – 26.02.2017


Group exhibition by:

Frederico Reyes

For the grand opening of Chaca Mandala, a nearby neighborhood shop, Silber&Salz opened its doors for an extraordinary exhibition. In collaboration with Chaca Mandala,
a young goldsmith from Copenhagen, the gallery was transformed into a separate universe. Dazzling light reflected through abstractly-shaped healing stones to perfectly highlight the unique photography on display. 



Annemarie Koerten

Born in the Netherlands, Annemarie Koerten has already accumulated a wide array of experiences while searching to truly find herself. Her passion for traveling has led her to extraordinary places throughout the world, such as Peru, Israel and India. To be on the move feels like home to her. 


Jakob Wiechmann

Jakob Wiechmann comes from Leipzig. Starting as a high-demand model in front of the camera, he has now shown himself in a new light. As a photographer behind the lens, he explores human possibilities, desires, impressions and limitations. 


Federico Reyes

Frederico Reyes is a Mexican photographer and art director with a focus on fashion. He found his home in Berlin, where he combines his talent as a photographer with his background as a storyteller. He distinguishes between his artistic photography and commercial photography. His photos reflect a reoccurring theme: the human silhouette. 

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